Thursday, February 25, 2010

movies and popcorn

I like watching movies! Especially when we can rent them for free from this great movie rental place (thanks, dad). It usually takes us a couple of nights to watch one, but we've been getting through several lately. One of my favorites, of the bunch that we've seen recently, was Law Abiding Citizen. I like the movies that make you think and have twists and turns that you don't see coming. We've also purchased a couple of new ones, which Derrick likes to tease me about, since all three of them are animated movies. Either by Disney or Pixar, but hey, why not get started on kid movies for Abbie to watch later, especially when we can enjoy them now. Because I am not afraid to admit that I enjoy watching kid's movies. 

Evidence of movie nights has been found under the couch... in the form of dropped popcorn kernels. It never fails that some popcorn inevitably winds up on the floor,although I guess I don't mind so much if it goes under the couch because at least then it isn't stepped on and crushed into tiny pieces, half of which then become ground and stuck into the carpet.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Ok, so I had this crazy idea that I wanted to hang curtains in the nursery. Yeah, who's brilliant idea was that, anyway?

Being cheap, I decided that I would see what I could find. So Target had all kinds of great deals, the 70% off kind. So I found this perfect curtain, a shower curtain, and there was only one. I thought, sure, that's wide enough to cover the window and I can get a curtain rod and just slide it back and forth to one side. Simple. And then I'd have these sheer white curtains underneath to pretty it up a bit and help filter the sun somewhat so it wasn't directly shining into the room. Perfect.

Well, Derrick hung the rod and put the curtains up. Yeah, doesn't work the way I'd imagined. And Abbie was screaming during this time when I realized, after Derrick had put it all up, that my cheap, simple plan had gone all awry. But great man that he is, he put it all up so I could see for myself that it wouldn't work. So..... we'll have to take it down and see about getting a different rod for the curtain. Oh well.

He did get the blanket rack/shelf hung above the crib the other night for me, and it just makes it a little bit homier. I like it. I still have plenty of other things to hang, but I guess it will just take some time, since I don't seem to get much done these days.

Yesterday was a good day, though. Derrick got done early with work and he drove us down to Watertown so we could go to the Redlin Art Center. Fun! Derrick had never been and I had only been once, a long time ago before I even lived in SD. Then we ate supper and did a bit of shopping and came home. It was Abbie's first Art Gallery!