Monday, May 17, 2010

quick may update

since I haven't posted anything in so long.... here is a really, really quick update, with just two pics. Life has been busy, but don't ask me what I've accomplished because it's so little in comparison to the time I've had. Mainly it's just the day to day and some days aren't so good and others more than make up for it. We've had a couple of road trips, which are so fun! Especially when they are spontaneous. The weather has been slightly depressing but the sun was out yesterday and it was so awesome! I love rain, but I love having the sun out more. I've done some baking. Nothing special, just using up some yummy rhubarb. Going through my recipes and organizing and throwing out the ones I didn't care for. Partially going through Abbie's clothes is a chore so I haven't completed that one yet. Trying to figure out what all she has in each size, etc. and what else is needed for those sizes, if anything. My amazing mother, who loves to yard sale, has made it her mission to supply Abbie with clothes. Which is great. I love having clothes show up at my door so all I have to do is wash and organize them and ooh and ahh over her great bargain finds. But I am running out of storage space now. haha I am so far behind on editing. I've only edited the maternity photo shoot I've done this month so I need to finish editing all my photos, mainly of Abbie, of course. I got to have lunch with some of my former co-workers and friends and it was such an awesome day of visiting and eating at a great little place in Aberdeen. I ordered Abbie some cute little outfits, as displayed in the photos, and I can't wait to get more pics of her in them. We've gotten so many compliments on the hat that Abbie wore in just one day that I was amazed at how many people commented on it! I love hats. I loved hats before but now it's even more fun! Ok, off to bed! More to come soon. Hopefully. :)



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