Wednesday, March 3, 2010

chai tea latte

It's all over with. My daily cup of chai tea latte has come to an end and so I have had to resort to a previous love.... that of hot green tea, with a bit of honey flavor, though no actual honey in the tea. Yesterday I had such a craving for it, too. So instead, I ate more than my fair share of a freshly delivered  Tiramisu cake from Omaha Steaks (I had a coupon and got the thing for $4, including shipping. I do love a good deal!) and then looked at the caloric content. Yeah. Derrick teases me about not being able to eat whatever I want after Abbie is no longer breast-feeding, but I say I may as well enjoy it while I can.  And, being an emotional eater, I felt so much better after eating that much cake.

I've had it rather easy lately. And quite possibly even became spoiled when, once again, Derrick started making breakfast every morning for me. Either pancakes or waffles, with sausage and eggs or oatmeal or cereal. But now we are out of the whole grain mix for the waffles and pancakes so it's back to oatmeal or cereal. Today I did manage to make up the over-ripe bananas into my favorite whole grain muffins. I ate about 5 of the mini-muffins myself and they were so good.

The crying. Some days it gets to me and other days I am able to laugh it off, knowing full well nothing is actually wrong, especially when you go into her room when she is crying and she looks up at you to see if you're actually watching her or not and then she'll cry harder until you pick her up. Derrick says she's faking it. (of course he's joking.... or maybe not!) But I do love to hold her. Except, of course, when even holding her won't console her.

And then there are these moments where she is the sweetest little person on earth, as all babies are in their own right and in their own time. And she's so adorable and innocent. And those are the moments that I cherish. The moments where she smiles at you or laughs and coos, the moments where she falls asleep in your arms and all is peaceful. Yes, I do enjoy staying at home with our little girl... most days. :-)

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