Tuesday, March 30, 2010

sunday at the park

This past Sunday Mark, Megan and Clara came to visit after they went to church. It was a great time to get together and visit and have lots of yummy food over at Margaret's. There was egg bake and banana muffins and cheesy potatoes, cinnamon rolls, strawberries and apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. It was a tight fit but we all sat around the table and it was quite cozy!

Afterwards, since it was such a beautiful day out, we walked over to the park for awhile. We tested out the swings and the tether ball, Derrick got stuck in the slide (not really, but it makes for a great picture!) and the wooden train. Clara was conductor and did such a marvelous job! Abbie fell asleep while we were there but she was snuggled in safe in the Moby wrap, which I am finally getting to use now that the weather has warmed up. We've gone on several walks with it already.

It all ended too soon, though, and Mark, Megan and Clara had to get back home. I felt like a kid when mom yells that it's time to come in from playing outside and you don't want to because you are having too much fun. But I couldn't yell back that I just wanted 5 more minutes, please, so we did head back and saw them off. But it was one of those perfect Sunday afternoon's where you had good food and great company and the weather was just right. I could take that kind of Sunday every Sunday!

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