Thursday, April 1, 2010

baby love

So it's been one of those days where I feel like I've gotten nothing accomplished except hold and nurse Abbie. It's not entirely true, because I've done four loads of laundry, made chili for supper, made lunch and did the dishes. So I did do something, it just doesn't feel like it. Every time I put her down today she cries. Toys only help for a minute, doing anything to distract her and make her happy only works for a minute and then she tries to laugh and cry at the same time and that can be quite entertaining, actually. But I love my baby just the same, even though some days she makes it interesting. Not sure if she could be teething now or if it's a growth spurt or just boredom..... but at any rate, I hope tomorrow is more like how yesterday was. She was great yesterday! lol

So, here are some pics I've edited... and I'm not posting any of the ones of her crying!

She has discovered her feet and toes and likes to play with them now, although mostly only when she doesn't have any clothes on. Which makes for interesting diaper changes...

Speaking of diaper changes... I am LOVING the gDiaper system we are implementing. Just received the fabric to make the rest of the inserts so now I won't have to wash every day and I will have the correct size inserts. I've been using the M/L insert in the small diaper and have to fold it to get it to fit, which isn't ideal but it kind of works. So excited to get everything in place. All of the diapers are washed and organized by size in their correct bins in her dresser. Who ever said cloth diapering was hard?! I love it!

The following three photos are from the Hardin's Quick Takes that we took Abbie to. They look studio professional, but I've discovered that it's not my favorite look. To be honest, I prefer my own "natural" photos... the ones with no flash and it's just whatever the background is in our home. But I'm still glad we took her in. Now I know we won't do that again. I'll take the photos at home from now on and we'll save that money!

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