Thursday, April 15, 2010


The grass is green. When did that happen? Seems like one day it's brown with just a tinge of green and the next day it's time to mow the already-green grass. Yesterday was so beautiful, at least in the evening. I wrapped Abbie in the Moby and we went for a walk in the evening and the sun was just hitting the grass so as to make it look so bright against the sharp contrast of the shadows it also cast. But, spring also seems to by synonymous with wind around here... so today we didn't go for a walk on account of the wind. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

The study of medical transcription is finally coming along. All thanks to my Moby... which turned out to be a great investment, after all. After realizing that Abbie has realized when I'm NOT around, I have to be around her and sometimes even that isn't enough. I can't just lay her on the floor next to me and study, I have to be looking at her and then that is enough. But if I put her in the wrap, then she is quite content and will fall asleep (without crying, hooray!!) and then I get studying done and I can still type while she is wrapped up next to me so we are both happy. Now, to find a comfortable chair to sit in all day long....

Bye-bye swing... and hello exersaucer! (Thank you, Amy!) Abbie is discovering new ways to entertain herself but also realizing some of the parts don't quite reach her mouth and then you can see a trait I passed along... one I wished she hadn't gotten - a temper. Now if I can work on mine enough to be able to show her that you can control it, we'll be in good shape.

I'm ready for a picnic. A real picnic. With a picnic basket full of good things to eat and plastic utensils and a red and white checkered blanket to lay on the green grass and spread the goods out on... maybe in the middle of a field with a crick nearby. I can't wait to see if Abbie will like picnics and exploring all the great wonders of the outdoors. We'll go on picnics with daddy and take lots of photographs, of flowers, the sky, running water, animals and of course each other and we'll play tag or hide-and-seek and daddy will give her rides on his shoulders so she can see everything from up high! I'm so excited!

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