Monday, April 26, 2010

rain boots

I love rain boots on little kids!

And I can't thank Megan enough for these cute little boots for Abbie! And it even rained! I just wish she could walk (ok, maybe not quite yet...) Just wait until Abbie is walking and it's just rained outside. We'll be out the door as fast as the sun can peek out and we'll take pictures of her standing in puddles and splashing through puddles. Who cares how much dirty laundry it causes, it'll be so much fun!

The new rocker. It's great. And surprisingly, it has really grown on me. I wasn't crazy about it the first time I saw in it, but then I tested it for a day and mom took back the one of hers that I was borrowing (since the one I used to have was really squeaky and not great for rocking a baby to sleep in) and this rocker really rocks it. It rocks, it reclines, it swivels and it even has a footrest. So at 5am, when Abbie wakes for her morning feeding, I sink down in and get comfy while I nurse her back to sleep, thinking, every once in awhile, that it would just be easier to fall asleep with her in the chair rather than go back to bed. But I always go back to bed anyway.

After having a couple of rough weeks with Abbie, things are finally getting back to normal and she's sleeping in her crib and able to play by herself on the floor or in the 360ยบ gym-thingy. Hooray for normalcy! I still love the Moby wrap and I get so much done while wearing her in it, but it does get warm and I do need a little down time on occasion. We've been working on her sitting and she's getting there but still not able to sit by herself long enough for me to get a picture of it.... she tips over. So we'll just have tummy-time pictures for now!

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